Global Freight Forwarding & Logistics

Beginning with Ucargo LLP 13 years ago the company was founded by experienced freight forwarder Tony Kennedy and his Business Partner Paul Martin. Ucargo LLP has grown significantly and has subsequently given rise to various subsidiaries, each focusing on specific regions across the globe and catering to diverse industries that demand specialised expertise in freight forwarding and logistics. Serving as the central headquarters for the UCARGO global brand, Ucargo LLP handles project cargo and offers comprehensive services to the entertainment, defence, and construction sectors.

Ucargo Americas Inc manages our operations in the United States, specifically in the entertainment and defence logistics sectors. Their office, located in New Jersey, is dedicated to expanding our network across the country.

Ucargo Asia Ltd was formed to oversee our growing business activities in and out of Asia. With offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai, this subsidiary focuses on optimizing the supply chain throughout the Far East region. To streamline our cross-trade operations, we have decided to consolidate these shipments under Ucargo Asia.