Welcome to the Family – Ucargo Global


We would like to introduce you to a little something we have been working on. An umbrella for all our companies to sit under so to speak…

Ucargo Global is here to link our Ucargo companies together as one family, but also give them their own entities.

Under this sits Ucargo LLP (or Ucargo UK)  – or as we like to say, the OG original company. With its main headquarters based in Kent, and where Ucargo started.

Next up we have Ucargo Americas Inc. with our new(ish) office just outside New York growing at a swift pace we now have an online space for it too.

Then we have Ucargo Asia Ltd, a part of the company that allows us growth and Business in the Far East. Most of the work is done via Ucargo LLP but we wanted to make sure Ucargo Asia had their own space too.

As the companies grow so will their websites and please check back for more information and developments. We will be posting group news here and making sure the whole global group gets their news to share!